CLA Adventure Quest

Are you ready for an exciting and dynamic adventure in the virtual world and the real world?  Campers will design their own quest and even their own robot, in a hands-on learning environment, during this fun and innovative week of creation and design.  There will be many opportunities to learn about elementary coding concepts, as well as, fundamental planning and design elements behind video game creation.  

Campers will learn about some of the essentials of science, technology, engineering, as well as, design-thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

  • All Inclusive
  • STEAM-Based Camp- Hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics.
  • Activities include: Coding Mazes, Message Decoder, Obstacle Course, Lava Cakes and More!
  • Ages 5-12 (5-13 Texas)


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